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10 tips for sticking to your fitness goals this year!

1. Start It's common to hear the phrase "I'll start Monday", but the best tip I can give you is to start NOW. It is never going to be a perfect run at achieving better health and fitness so stop putting it off. The sooner you start the sooner the benefits will present themselves. 2. Make it a priority We all have other priorities in our lives whether that be, family, work or social events sometimes at the detriment of our own health and well-being. Make exercise a staple in your week and watch the benefits of better health and energy levels trickle...

“But I only train general population…”

  This is a sentence commonly spoken within today’s health and fitness industry. Many newly qualified Personal Trainers may find themselves thrown into the rat race of a large commercial gym soon after completing their certificate. The reasons for seeking their services may differ from client to client, but the initial perspective of the trainer usually remains the same – ‘most of my clients are general population’. This isn’t to say that this is a negative outlook to have, however when you begin the process of labelling your clients as ‘general population’ then it is easy to make false assumptions about...

Motivation vs Discipline 

“I’m not motivated”. I’ve lost motivation”. “What is my motivation”?  In the health and fitness industry these phrases are used on a daily basis; normally when someone fails to commit to a health and exercise regime or starts one and then fails to continue. I’m sure we all know someone or have been that someone who signs up to a gym, goes regularly for a month and then completely stops going or attends too infrequently for it to even matter. There are many individuals out there right now paying for gym memberships that they haven’t utilised in months, even years. The...