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Arcadium HQ

About Us



Born into a world of violence, crime and hardship, Arcadium HQ founder Marley McDonogh had a rough start to life.

As a young child with no voice of his own, Marley made the decision to find an escape, no matter how small, in order to try to take what little control of his life he was able to.

One of seven children growing up in a remote community outside Darwin, he found refuge by finding ways to keep his mind and body as active as possible, or risk being dragged into the world he was being raised in.

He found he could escape by keeping active through any form of movement, whether it was working out with friends in parks (calisthenics), many sporting activities, skateboarding or gymnastics. Anything to keep his body active and his mind off his troubles at home.

Comic books provided his mental escape and Marley sought solace by burying himself in any comic book he could get his hands on, in particular, Judge Dread 2000AD, Marvel and DC comic book series.

With their constant underlying themes based on mythology, comic books were his escape over the years and it was these he came back to when deciding the path he should follow after a few brushes with the law as a teenager.

Fast forward 20-something years and it was while reading about Arcas, the greatest hunter who became the king of Arcadia, that it all came together. You see, Arcas was the son of Zeus. Arcas became the king of and the country’s greatest hunter.

Arcadia is a place of refuge in ancient Greek mythology and its significance has remained with Marley since he first read about it.

Arcadia is a place where everyone, regardless of their background, joined together to better themselves through building their power – in mind and body – that Marley saw this as the inspiration for the direction he wanted to take for his business.

Arcadium HQ provides:

A holistic approach

A holistic service to help people achieve their goals to become powerful in their bodies and minds.

The industries best experience

Arcadium HQ works with the best of the best in the industry to provide every client with a personal trainer that matches their goals, their personality and their way of achieving this.

Quality education and training

Educates and provides knowledge to ensure everyone, clients and non clients, have all the correct information needed for their training and fitness decisions rather than focussing on fads or trends where it could hamper someone’s progress or health.

Arcadium HQ

Today, Arcadium HQ is a well-established, but growing team of networked exercise and allied health professionals. A health and fitness company designed to be both broad and tailored to the individual to ensure we are accessible to people of all shapes and sizes seeking fitness strength and conditioning.

While a client might work with one trainer they can be assured they have the support and knowledge of a group of trainers who are equally invested in their goals.

Our trainers meet weekly to discuss client’s progress and brainstorm new ways to better support that client in achieving their personal goal or challenge, whether it’s to increase their fitness levels, lose weight, gain support during or after pregnancy or increase and maintain their general wellbeing.

As Arcadium HQ continues to grow, new trainers and services will be introduced including massage therapy, nutrition and sports physiologists. In mid-2018, Arcadium HQ will launch a community education program, which offers free workshops covering a diverse range of wellbeing and fitness activities so it is accessible to all members of the community.

By providing a comprehensive service under one banner, Arcadium HQ is able to provide clients with the right trainer for their needs, while also providing a holistic platform which looks after the whole body and mind.

Our personal trainers are driven to helping clients achieve life-changing and sustainable goals, rather than reaching short term and unrealistic goals.


Whether you are trying to get fit, reach your personal goals, completely transform your body or after a coach to assist you in completely changing your lifestyle, the team at Arcadium HQ are committed to looking after you –body and mind.

Arcadium HQ is a team of personal trainers and health experts, with a variety of skill-sets and specialities, who work together to ensure that each client has the right trainer for their needs, as well as the support of a group of dedicated and trained professionals.

Everyone at Arcadium HQ works towards one goal – to help clients achieve lifechanging and sustainable goals, rather than reaching short term and unrealistic goals.

Arcadium HQ is located at 14 Morrisby Street, Geebung.