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personal trainer


Arcadium HQ founder Marley McDonough, has one very simple aim in life – to help make the role of personal trainers redundant. If this is realised, it means individuals are able to achieve their personal goals of fitness and wellbeing without having to pay someone to push them.

Until then, Marley – who was named Personal Trainer of the Year in 2017 for Go Health Club – is determined to run a business where training experts partner with their clients to ensure they have the right platform to reach their personal goals.

“I am passionate about fitness and personal trainers and I get that for the best results, clients need to have the benefit of a program designed for them and their needs,” Marley said.

“That is central to what we do at Arcadium HQ. We are building a team of elite personal trainers who all specialise and have experience in different areas giving us a collectively broad understanding of how to help clients.”

Marley has been a personal trainer for five years and has also worked as a sports coach, aged care and disability personal support worker, rehab assistant and aqua aerobics instructor. He launched Arcadium HQ in 2016 and has been a mentor to his trainers at Arcadium HQ.

Marley has a number of areas of speciality including personal transformations and pre and post-pregnancy training covering fitness fundamentals for expectant mothers, pregnancy nutrition, nutrition for female weight loss and understanding oestrogen.

“Training correctly and being aware of one’s body and it’s ever changing state throughout pregnancy comes with many health benefits not only for the mother but the child as well,” Marley said.

“I believe that there is still a stigma about training and pregnancy because of disinformation, or rather a lack of circulated positive information on the subject.”

A field of particular interest for Marley is the connection between good mental health and exercise and he is keen to help get this message out there.

“There are so many benefits to exercise but the value of exercise for good mental health cannot be over-stated,” he said. “There is no doubt exercise can assist and we would encourage our existing and future clients embrace this aspect of what they are doing when they train.”

Marley has also worked with a lot of adolescents and young adults helping to build their confidence and achieve a healthy body and mind. He does not believe rapid weight loss training leads to long-term success.