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Personal Training

At Arcadium HQ, we work to ensure every one of our clients has the opportunity to exceed their fitness expectations through our expert coaching, high-quality equipment, convenient scheduling and innovative and personalised programs.

Our experience has shown that when people want to reach their health and wellness goals – whether that be weight loss, improved fitness, increased strength or anything in between – if they exercise in a fun and supportive environment, they are more likely to achieve sustainable improvement. This includes exercising more often, eating better, suffering less injuries and weight loss while increasing muscle mass.

We offer group and one-on-one sessions, where we work with the individual. Our team includes gymnastic coaches, personal trainers, physiotherapists, massage therapists, osteopaths, exercise physiologists and dieticians.

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8 week program for beginners and strength building

Arcadium HQ’s 8 week beginners guide to strength and conditioning will help you from couch to fitness enthusiast. This four day split program delivered over 8 weeks focusses on the whole body and developing the muscles and movements needed to really get the best results out of your workouts.

For Beginners

$49 Per Program

For Strength Building

$49 Per Program

Customised 8 week program for beginners and strength building

Arcadium HQ’s 8 week strength specific program will have you moving more weight than you thought possible. This four day split program, delivered over 8 weeks, focusses on improving lifts that uses the whole body. Inputting your weights week by week will allow you to see exactly how much strength improvements you are able to make within the 8 weeks.

Arcadium HQ’s 8 week programs can be fully customized to better suit your needs and limitations at $79 per program. This allows you to have some communication with a Arcadium HQ representative and the program be tailored to better suit your goals and conditions. We can customise a beginner or strength building 8 week program within 48 hours

For Beginners

$79 Per Program

For Strength Building

$79 Per Program

4 to 16 week Advanced Periodisation Protocols (APP program)

Arcadium HQ’s 4 to 16 week Advanced Periodisation Protocols (APP program) is a client goal specific program using the periodisation model to increase muscle hypertrophy, muscular endurance or strength for specific lifts.

With the input of specific 1RM (1 rep max) data, we are able to compile programing with many variables that will help you achieve specific goals over a prolonged time period. This program is completely customised to suit individuals and requires communication to be conducted with a Arcadium HQ representative. Within 48 hours of getting your information, we will have your tailored APP program back to you.

Programs start at $79, depending on the split and length of the program not exceeding $220 for 4 day split over 16 weeks.


$79 for 4 Weeks


$144 for 8 Weeks


$220 for 16 Weeks

Customised calories and macro nutrients plan

Our calories and macro nutrients plans are goal specific and tailored to your needs. Our daily recommendation meal structure will give you an example of how to structure your meals in order to achieve your daily caloric intake and macro nutrients.

Once you have identified your daily calorie recommendation, via a BMR calculator, we will tailor an appropriate macro plan and have back to you a within 48 hours.

Please note this is not applicable for vegans


$79 Meal Plan