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10 tips for sticking to your fitness goals this year!

10 tips for sticking to your fitness goals this year!

1. Start
It’s common to hear the phrase “I’ll start Monday”, but the best tip I can give you is to start NOW. It is never going to be a perfect run at achieving better health and fitness so stop putting it off. The sooner you start the sooner the benefits will present themselves.
2. Make it a priority
We all have other priorities in our lives whether that be, family, work or social events sometimes at the detriment of our own health and well-being. Make exercise a staple in your week and watch the benefits of better health and energy levels trickle into your other priorities.
3. Try it all
Play sports, jump in a dance class, yoga, ride a bike, boxing or weights training. Chances are you don’t know what you like, so get in and give it all a go.
4. Do what you love
Now that you have tried it all and have many exercise experiences keep doing the classes or style of training that you love.
5. Take a mate
Grab a workout partner or group of friends and hold each other accountable. You are more likely to stick to a long term fitness career if you are part of a community within the industry or have training partners that motivate and keep each other accountable.
6. Get professional advice
What better way to commit to a training or diet regime than to seek assistance from a qualified exercise professional or nutrition expert.
7. Make an investment
Weather that investment is financial, emotional or time related, that investment is in your own health, longevity and quality of life. Make in investment in yourself, because you are worth it.
8. Set small goals
Set small achievable goals initially over short periods of time. Set a goal to lose 2 kg of weight or to visit the gym 3 times in a week and then increase these small goals as they are achieved. These small wins will keep you progressing forward and fill you with self pride and confidence to continue with your health and fitness career.
9. Make it a habit
Now that you have it all working make it habitual. Fitness is a long term process so really get in the habit of doing all of the above. If you go to yoga on Wednesdays; keep at it. If you play social volley ball Thursday; keep at it. If you go to the gym and do PT with a highly qualified exercise professional to work on that deadlift; keep at it. Basically if you are doing any of it; just KEEP AT IT.
10. Start again
Many people will fall off the wagon or miss a few weeks because of work responsibilities, lack of motivation or possible injuries. If this is you and it is many if not all of us I would simply say START AGAIN. Your health and fitness is important and will show dramatically in the quality of pretty much everything in your life, so don’t get down on yourself if you do take a step back, just keep trying to take some forward.