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10 Arcadium commandments of the gym

The gym. To some, a place to accumulate your weekly amount of exercise and maintain good health and general fitness. But to others, the gym is a holy place. A way of life that they dedicate themselves too and here are their commandments that all must follow when stepping into the house of gains. Thou shall put weights back correctly “If you are big enough to pick up the weights, you are big enough to put it back”- Ancient Chinese proverb. Anyone who has entered the gym has heard this rule yet constantly weights are found missing or in the wrong place....

2019 Kokoda Challenge.

As someone who always needs a goal to work towards with fitness, I naively agreed to take on the 2019 Kokoda Challenge. In typical Amy fashion I agreed without asking for the finer details, only to later discover that it was a team challenge involving hiking 96km though the Gold Coast Hinterland with many hills along the way, including inclines of up to 550m. My three teammates had all successfully completed this challenge for the two years prior, so this time they had set themselves the added challenge of completing it in 24hours. I definitely should have asked for the...

Returning to exercise after a serious injury

Since beginning training with Arcadium HQ, I had discovered a passion for deadlifts and bench press. Both are compound exercises which I had previously shied away from due to a lack of knowledge and a lack of confidence. With both of these exercises, I found progress to be initially slow, yet this is what kept me interested as I was determined to feel the improvements for myself, rather than just rely on the feedback from my trainer. Slowly but surely, my form improved and consequently my weights started to increase, albeit still at a gradual pace, but one which I was happy with as long as my form...